Internal Monologue

Isn’t it tiring? Prolonging your journey only to be pushed down again and again. The ground might as well be your friend, 6 feet under is what I recommend. You wouldn’t know what’s on the other side but you’re definitely tired of this current ride. Isn’t it tiring? You pour so much of yourself in... Continue Reading →


We think we miss some people Memories of the good and bad Without us knowing That most of them are bland You say you need validation Fragile and unaware You’ve never been lucky And you've always dealt with a deceptive hand Constantly trying to prove your worth To your mother, our planet Earth With everything... Continue Reading →


I’m sorry if it took me so long To write a new poem It’s hard for me to explain That I was in much pain I’m sorry it’s taking me this long I can’t really say much While everyone was out of touch Words have been said Some omitted, some ain’t committed This world we... Continue Reading →

December blues

It’s that time of the year again My friends, my family Are you there? Oh, you got caught up In your world full of toxicity Veiled with care Happiness in a can Smile thru the pain Eyes filled with tears Mouth full of lies Can’t you hear them? Just get with the program

Longing for something bound to arrive

The feeling of getting to your destination is an experience and a lesson in combination But once we reach our goal, why don't we feel fulfilled? Like there is something missing, like there's no thrill Can somebody make me feel that there's more to life than obstacles? Because I'm getting tired of all the struggles... Continue Reading →

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